Raspberry cake (gluten free)

With 80 grams almonds flour leftovers from making vegan milk and little sugar, I have made this delicios cake (seriously, it’s really tasty). don’t worry if there are still pieces of almonds in it, you don’t need powder for this […]

Raw vegan truffles

I usually prepare these on lazy Sundays (yes, lazy days are for raw vegan sweets) so that I’ll have enough for the cravings in the upcoming week. They can be quite sweet, without having any added traditional sugar. Why I […]

Banana Bread

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency, whenever I go grocery shopping, to buy slightly more than I actually need. That’s why I have almost always 2-3 extremely ripe bananas that I’ll never eat… I avoid throwing […]

Hello world!

Fresh new start. Listening to Debussy on an idle Sunday evening, wrapped in blankets with my cinnamon coffee next to me, on a -12 degrees Celsius weather, making plans and dreaming out loud. End of 2015 taught me some really […]