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A trip to London that turned into my mantra

I went to London (again!) to surprise a dear friend on her birthday. I didn’t manage to prepare a gift in advance as I gave up after weeks of trying to find something nonconsumerist, small enough that would fit in my hand luggage.

On the night before my trip, I decided to stay up all night and finish some work on ongoing projects, since a flight at 6 am would have made me to wake up at a very upsetting time. This being said, I managed to finish everything I had in mind by 2 am when inspiration striked and I just followed. What gift would have been better on her 30th Birthday than a sweet message, a reminder to be kept in her heart and on her book shelf?

You are. I am. We all are. I am present and lucky and ambitous and I’ll work hard to get what I want for myself. I’m doing baby steps and I’m getting there. I am the architect of my own happiness.

Happy Birthday, D! 


live mindfully <3
my mantra

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