The entrepreneurs I come in contact with inspire me to create without being afraid, to act without thinking about the problems that might occur on the way. I want to give some of these ideas further. Maybe they will inspire you and you transmit the ideas further.... together we create a circle of energy that changes the world.

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    The very ugly cake

    End of 2020 came with a very intense and fulfilling mission: I have baked the most wonderful cake ever existed. Wonderful as in delicios. When it comes to the aspect… well, you may check the title. I am very untalented when it comes to baking so I declare myself happy with the result! Happy guests, happy host 🙂 Just to give you a bit of background, this cake was one of the surprises my boyfriend got on his birthday, which means that after the photo shooting I have done on the 29th of December in the afternoon, I drove to Metro one hour before closing time to do the final…

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    A trip to London that turned into my mantra

    I went to London (again!) to surprise a dear friend on her birthday. I didn’t manage to prepare a gift in advance as I gave up after weeks of trying to find something nonconsumerist, small enough that would fit in my hand luggage. On the night before my trip, I decided to stay up all night and finish some work on ongoing projects, since a flight at 6 am would have made me to wake up at a very upsetting time. This being said, I managed to finish everything I had in mind by 2 am when inspiration striked and I just followed. What gift would have been better on…

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    3 Great Day Trips from Berlin (no overnight stay needed)

    When you have been living in Berlin for a while but not long enough to go on a vacation in a different country, and wanderlust strikes in, you might want to take into consideration the nearby satellite cities. I haven’t been to many, but what I’ve seen so far really impressed, probably due to the nature and abundance of trees. Brandenburg offers plenty of options. This gave me that feeling of 3rd grade, summer vacation, tiny village, wonder around at day long at my grandparents – those days were bliss. What can I do with all this nature on my hands? First of all, you get away from traffic. Think…

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    Hello world!

    Fresh new start. Listening to Debussy on an idle Sunday evening, wrapped in blankets with my cinnamon coffee next to me, on a -12 degrees Celsius weather, making plans and dreaming out loud. End of 2015 taught me some really important lessons, that I want to remember throughout this year. I am responsible for my own happiness. No matter how overwhelmed or tired by my daily routine I might be, the simple fact that today I am not where I want to be shall be enough of a motivation to keep me going If you hit rock bottom today, don’t feel discouraged – tomorrow sun will shine. Oh darling, and…