Hello world!

Fresh new start. Listening to Debussy on an idle Sunday evening, wrapped in blankets with my cinnamon coffee next to me, on a -12 degrees Celsius weather, making plans and dreaming out loud. End of 2015 taught me some really important lessons, that I want to remember throughout this year.

  • I am responsible for my own happiness. No matter how overwhelmed or tired by my daily routine I might be, the simple fact that today I am not where I want to be shall be enough of a motivation to keep me going
  • If you hit rock bottom today, don’t feel discouraged – tomorrow sun will shine. Oh darling, and it will shine so bright that you won’t even flinch at the memory of the dark clouds that used to be on your sky…
  • Don’t settle! A phrase that got stuck in my head since 2011, when I watched a certain commencement speech on a silent night, with a dear friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend, an apartment that you don’t really like but you will accept anyway in you life. If it doesn’t make you happy 100%, keep looking! We were not born to build our existence on “what ifs” and regrets. Take the risk and fight to get to the moon! I promise, when you will look back…. you will have a memorable journey¬†behind.

Let this journey begin. Welcome, 2016! I have big plans for you.

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