Embarking on a Journey of Winemaking

I embarked on an unfogettable adventure

Back in September 2017, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Romania, in a quaint village called Scânteiești, nestled within the Galați county, where my grandparents’ cherished home stood. This was the place where my childhood memories flourished, where playful afternoons were spent crafting corn dolls and tending to our feathered and furry friends. Back then, my hunger for play often overshadowed my appetite, leading me to pluck sun-kissed tomatoes from the garden, dust them with a pinch of salt, and relish them as one would an apple.

My Romanian escapade

…wasn’t just an ordinary visit; it was an opportunity to partake in the timeless tradition of harvesting grapes, a practice deeply rooted in the countryside lifestyle. In these rustic settings, creating your own wine with minimal mechanization felt like a genuine celebration of the bohemian spirit. 

First rays of dawn

Engrossed in the winemaking process, we rose with the first rays of dawn, uniting as a multi-generational team of six, each driven by a shared commitment. Handpicking the grapes was just the beginning. From there, we hauled our bounty back to my grandparents’ humble abode, where we crushed the fruit to extract the juice. The culmination was the storage of the juice in wooden barrels, patiently awaiting its transformative journey from raw produce to a finely aged wine, eagerly anticipated for our enjoyment in the months ahead.


The roots of the vineyard, I came to learn, ran as deep as my own history, with the very vines having taken root two years before my own existence. Perhaps during those early years, I had been a mere presence, soaking in the crisp countryside air while my parents and kin tirelessly planted the seeds that would one day yield the sweet nectar. 


The fragrant amalgamation of countryside air, ripe grapes, bustling wildlife, and the comforting crackle of the fireplace – these scents are etched forever in the corridors of my memory, serving as a constant reminder of the profound gratitude I hold for such wondrous experiences.

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